Her finder du en oversigt over vores indieVelo aktiviteter.

eCKD Race and fun for all league

This is our Tuesday and Thursday league which is open to everyone. The league is continuous, but individual rankings and the team competition will be reset in April and October, i.e. we have a winter and a summer edition. Some races may be supported by sponsors and/or partners as special events. The races will always be at 20:00 CET.



Vores sæson-liga for danske ryttere på indieVelo. Ligaen kører mandage og onsdage kl 19:30 hele indendørs sæsonen fra oktober til udgangen af marts.


Easter Eight Escapes

Our Easter league. 8 races. Your best 4 races counts towards the individual ranking. All eight races count towards the team competition. From Monday March 25 to Monday April 1 at 19:30 CET/UTC+1.