Sunday Spin & Social

eCykle Klub Danmark invites you to participate in this "group ride" which is organized as an unranked team scratch race.

Overall purpose: To ride in groups and enjoy some fun while training between races.

Pace: Typical led by a ride leader who will guide the group through Zone 2 training, which generally involves moderate intensity aimed at building endurance and cardiovascular fitness. The pace will be tailored to suit the participants and in addition the ride leader may incorporate light training exercises during the session. The emphasis is on enjoying the experience of riding together while also improving fitness levels.

eCKD prioritizes keeping the group together during the ride; however, participants are welcome to ride at their own pace (no rubberband) and even make it a race (there is most likely someone who wants to race you), but please announce your intentions in the chat then.

Everybody starts together in one pen. No bots. Slow start with pacer for 1600 m (start at 1.5 W/kg and end at 2.5 W/kg).

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