Who Run The World League

Copenhagen Virtual Cycling and eCykle Klub Danmark presents:

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Who Run The World League is a unique league on Zwift, exclusively for women.

It's a fantastic opportunity to bring women from all corners of the world together and enjoy the sport of virtual cycling. Race against CVC's Ladies team that train together each Thursday evening onsite at our club location.

When: The league will take place Thursday evenings at 18:00 UTC(19:00 CET) in Februrary and March and 17:00 UTC(19:00 CEST) in April and May.

Points: Participate in the race and earn points that measure not only your virtual cycling skills but also your dedication and participation in the "Who Run The World League." It's your chance to shine and have fun at the same time.

To ensure best overall position, you must complete 10 out of the 15 races.

Fairplay: In "Who Run The World League," fair play is crucial. Respect your fellow cyclists, follow the rules, and create a positive experience for everyone. Let's make this a league where respect and camaraderie take center stage.

Remember, it's all for fun😀 Even though the competition can be intense, it's essential to remember that this is primarily for fun. Enjoy every moment and create memories with your virtual cycling buddies.

Bring your community along: Invite your virtual cycling women community friends! Let's make "Who Run The World League" even bigger and stronger by including more fantastic women.

Sign up in good time: Make sure to sign up for each event in the Companion App well in advance and help boost participation.

Having a question? Join our #who-run-the-world Discord channel and ask us anything or chat with your competitors after the race.

Upcoming events

Start Name Laps Dist.(KM) Climb
Thu 18. Apr 2024 kl. 19:00 Mech Isle Loop 6 24 232 Signup
Thu 25. Apr 2024 kl. 19:00 Canopies & Coastlines 1 27.5 232 Signup
Thu 2. May 2024 kl. 19:00 Cobble Climbs Reverse 3 27.6 396 Signup
Thu 9. May 2024 kl. 19:00 Rising Empire 1 21.1 362 Signup
Thu 16. May 2024 kl. 19:00 Champs Elysee 3 23.3 102 Signup

Latest results

Start Name Laps Dist.(KM) Climb
Thu 11. Apr 2024 kl. 19:00 The 6 Train 4 26 272 Result
Thu 4. Apr 2024 kl. 19:00 Rolling Highlands 2 23.1 154 Result
Thu 28. Mar 2024 kl. 19:00 2018 Worlds Short Lap 1 23.9 487 Result
Thu 21. Mar 2024 kl. 19:00 Two Bridges Loop 3 21.3 219 Result
Thu 14. Mar 2024 kl. 19:00 R.G.V. 1 25.1 107 Result
Thu 7. Mar 2024 kl. 19:00 Spirit Forest 2 20.8 268 Result
Thu 29. Feb 2024 kl. 19:00 Duchy Estate 6 19.7 222 Result
Thu 22. Feb 2024 kl. 19:00 Classique 3 21.9 57 Result