eCKD Race and fun for all league

Welcome to eCKD Race and fun for all!

eCykle Klub Danmark invites you to participate in this series of races on indieVelo starting April.

There will be team competition and individual rankings. Teams can have up to 10 riders in each race but only 3 riders count for team points. If you are not on a team, you always compete individually.

For the individual ranking, the number of counting races is 1/4 of the total number of races held at a given time. This means that if 20 races are held, points for the ranking list will be made up of one's 5 best races. If you have participated in fewer than 1/4 of the races held, all the races you have participated in count.

All races held within a calendar month count towards a monthly team competition. The winning team for a given month gets 100 points, 2nd place gets 99 points, etc. The monthly points are added to an overall team competition leaderboard with a final team competition winner at the end of the season.

This is "humans only" races (no bots), single pen, all against all. There will be a 1200 meter neutral zone with a pacer from 2 W/kg - 4.5 W/kg.

Let's race and have fun.

Upcoming events

Start Name Laps Dist.(KM) Climb
Tue 28. May 2024 kl. 20:00 A Grand Day Out 0 33.2 337 Signup
Thu 30. May 2024 kl. 20:00 So Near Yet So Far 0 39 129 Signup

Latest results

Start Name Laps Dist.(KM) Climb
Thu 23. May 2024 kl. 20:00 Two Lake Loop 0 35.5 238 Result
Tue 21. May 2024 kl. 20:00 Coastal Loop Reverse 0 38.5 101 Result
Thu 16. May 2024 kl. 20:00 Flat Eight 1 34.9 214 Result
Tue 14. May 2024 kl. 20:00 Parry Vlo-Bae 0 30.1 302 Result
Thu 9. May 2024 kl. 20:00 Base Camp Redux 0 23.4 540 Result
Tue 7. May 2024 kl. 20:00 Little Loops 4 35.1 213 Result
Thu 2. May 2024 kl. 20:00 So Near Yet So Far 1 36.5 125 Result
Tue 30. Apr 2024 kl. 20:00 South Lake Loop Reverse 13 34.2 203 Result